IT Price Comparison

Data2Decide strives for a healthy climate for customers and suppliers in IT Sourcing. Achieving a good and long-term relationship and better cooperation will enable the partners to understand and solve real IT and business issues. We are working towards market conform contracts by providing transparency and clarity in working together with both customers and suppliers.

Every year a free price check

Contract and invoice data uploaded to our database is compared once a year, always keeping in mind the specific clauses in the contract. Using your most recent invoice and the latest pricing in our database, you will receive a freecheck on the actual status of your contract.

A detailed report is subject to a charge. In case prices are not market conform you could consider an IT benchmark in cooperation with your supplier and Data2Decide.

Always an up-to-date contract with up-to-date prices

Our detailed report will clarify the price levels of individual services and/or products with due considerations of SLA’s and other factors influencing price. This supports both supplier and customer during quarterly or yearly supplier-customer consultation or otherwise. And, even if the contract expires within a year, you need to know how to proceed into the future.


Our practice is characterized by independence from both supplier as customer. Our consultants have a long history of working with both, therefore we are familiar with both and understand services delivered and how these are experienced. Every check we perform on a contract, whether it is for benchmarking, one party advise or mediation, is independent and based on applicable and recent data in our database.