Betweter is the Dutch word for “know it all”.

Companies are becoming more and more aware of the cloud. It is not just only the multinationals, but also SMEs that enter the cloud.

We want to know everything better so that with this data we can help you make the right decisions.

3 out of 10 companies in the Netherlands now use one of the 3 public cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. Whichever of these (or other) suppliers you use, savings are always possible. According to research, you can save around 35%, where companies themselves think this is ‘only’ 30%. The Cloudbetweter wants you to save 10% to 50% on your monthly cloud invoice and will calculate your savings potential with an independent view using the 7 Savings model.

The Cloudbetweter has the knowledge to realize the actual savings together with you. By monitoring cloud prices daily (> 2,000,000 price points per day) of more than 7 cloud suppliers, the cloudbetweter can provide the most up-to-date information to support your decisions, or to realize savings.

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