IT Contract- and Supplier Management

Your IT contracts and supplier management structured in a couple of months? Ask the specialists at Data2Decide.

IT contracts no longer hold any secrets to us because we have read and assessed dozens if not hundreds of IT related contracts every year. We will (re)arrange your contracts and suppliers, from chaos to structure. From that structure you can take control.

Your contracts are linked to annual expenses so that budgets are more transparent. Invoices are checked so that invoice information matches the most recent contract information.

The supplier management such as monthly and annual meetings are brought to the attention of the suppliers so that you are not just a client, but the client. Relationships and agreements with suppliers are examined at an operational, tactical, and strategic level.

The result is full control over new, current, and ending contracts with all your IT suppliers, providing insight into the workload for next couple of years.

Immediately know which contracts you need to renew, extend, or revalue. Duplications in services where volume benefits can be achieved, unnecessary complexity and under- or overvalued Service Levels all become visible.