IT Sales Support

Determining the right price for your IT Service is not easy. It is not just a cost-price for producing the IT Service including a margin. You also should keep the competition in mind. If your prices are too high, potential customers will not buy your services. If they are too low, you are loosing revenue and profit. It is important to ask the right price, tailored to your services so you can justify the price you are charging.

Data2Decide supports suppliers in determining the right price, based on the most recent contracts and other information in our database. This increases your chance of winning a tender.

Price modelling

An IT price model allows you to check all your quotations against your competition, improving your chance of success. Data2Decide develops your IT price model in close cooperation with your experts.

You can choose different support levels:

  1. Tariff check against market values from our database.
  2. Model and tariff check against market values from our database. Based on your model we determine the market prices for your products and services and Data2Decide will advise you on your model.
  3. Data2Decide develops a model, in cooperation with the experts of your company. After completion and approval of the model, market conform prices will be added.
  4. On top of support level 3, Data2Decide plots your current prices in the model and analyses the gap to discuss with your experts.

Single offer support

Data2Decide supports you with your quotation for a single offer. Based on the client’s RfP, your proposal and our market data and in close cooperation with your experts we will provide current market prices, including average prices and best prices. This service excludes financial engineering.